Creating balance in your home with your belonging5 StepsĀ for creating balance in your home.

Creating your ideal home is simple.

Surround yourself with belongings that you enjoy, colours and fabrics that you like and photos (of people, places and animals) that make you smile.

Donate, sell or give away items that remind you of unhappy events or people.

When you open the door to your private living space and are surrounded by the things that you have collected that you adore you will feel a sense of peace and joyfulness.

When you are ready for a supportive home environment try this exercise:

1) Go to an item that you own, that you do not like.

2) Stand and look at this item from a distance. How do you feel?

3) Next, take this item out of the room or place a sheet over a larger item that cannot be removed from the room.

4)Go and enjoy a hot drink and something yummy to eat.

5) Return to the room and feel the difference.

You have started to create your nurturing home!

This method of releasing belongings that no longer fit into your lifestyle or belong to outdated relationships works if you are: renting a room in a shared house, have a small unit or live in a mansion. In other words, it can work for anyone.

Only get rid of items that you legally own.

After you have made changes to your environment, notice how the energy in the home is lighter you can decide together what to do with any items that still upset you or disturb the energy / balance in your home.

The cheapest way to purchase furniture is on e-bay, yard sales and charity shops. You will find items at a price you can afford when you shift your attention to creating and enjoying a happy life.

With love,