Create your nurturing home

Create your fresh, new living environment

Create the life you desire

Create the life you desire

Create your nurturing home by shifting your attention to the unseen relationship you have with your home.

Arriving home is supposed to be a pleasant experience and something to look forward to. Sometimes your living environment feels hostile. The old saying ‘you could cut the air with a knife’ can fill the whole house after an argument between family members.

The following activity can be done when you arrive home, when you desire a pleasant atmosphere, after guests leave, or after an argument.


  • A gentle way to shift the energy in a room to a comfortable feeling is to visualize a place where you felt welcomed and at ease.
  • Close your eyes and recall the sounds, colour, taste, smell, and even the air temperature on your skin of this welcoming place.
  • Sometimes it’s just a vague recollection, the sensation was pleasant. Allow these sensations to transport you in your mind back to this moment.
  • Stay with this plesent sensation for as long as you like.
  • When you are ready, take in a deep breath and hold this awareness.
  • As you exhale, imagine this comforting feeling fills the room. You will notice people are kinder to each other, the area has a fresh feel.

As you continue to use this method, you will feel lighter, enjoy abun-dance  and be able to live life to the full.

Enjoy this feeling.

Breathing Relaxation Exercise

Get rid of stress
My old family remedy for releasing stress.

Splash your face with water. Run cool water over your forearms and wrists.

It’s as easy as that.