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Hello, please click on these helpful organisations and websites, many of these people are my friends.

I would like to acknowledge the Quandamooka people, traditional custodians of this land I live and work on.

I wish to pay respect to the elders past and present whose cultures and customs have nurtured and continue to nurture this land, its people and all her creatures.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples please be aware that this website talks about death and may have images of people who have died.     21 st Century Tiger and Selatan Crafted Giftware help raise money for the conservation and protection of tigers in the wild.

selatan crafted giftware

Give wild tigers a future




        Troy Aaron is an Inner Transformation facilitator in Queensland, Australia who has helped me with private sessions and via Skype as a Reiki Master, and using advanced E F T  and The Works of Byron Katie. Troy is a talented musician using sound healing in his workshops and practitioner alignments.        Deepak Chopra has many wonderful meditations and helpful books and DVD packages on his website.     Darren J Harris  is a writer, poet and takes stunning Art photography.

The following are websites for people who have lost a loved one. Although this is a difficult subject to talk about, volunteering with bereavement groups has shown me how to help others and enjoy unconditional love. I trust you will find these websites and the wonderful people who created them of some comfort. with love Anne.       Centre for Intense Grief Therapy. Diana Sands PhD is the author of Red Chocolate Elephants for Children Bereaved by Suicide.       Postvention Australia is a non-crisis organisation for traumatic and sudden death, suicide prevention and bereavement.         A non-crisis organisation for suicide bereavement      Open to Hope; finding hope after loss.

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Only dispose of items that you legally own. Seek legal advice if you are unsure of the ownership of an item and before selling, donating or giving away belongings of a deceased person.