Never work again, enjoy your life.

Do something you enjoy and you will never ‘work’ again.

You will wake up every morning and look forward to the day and what you can achieve.

Try this for fun.

  • Take a piece of blank paper and your favourite pencil or pen. Sit quietly, spend five minutes thinking of activities you enjoy, things like sport, being around animals, fixing your mates car or writing essays.
  •  Take three breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Use your non-dominant hand to write down a page full of things you enjoy.

What has the most passion attatched to it?

  • Make enquiries about attaining the qualifications required to work in this trade or profession.
  • Consult a ‘life coach’ and your financial manager to fund your training and plan your future.

You can do anything you put your heart into. As an example, I worked with native and exotic animals in one of the worlds leading zoo’s at fifty three years of age.

Maria’s story

The following story illustrates how our environment mirrors what is happening in our life.

My dear friend had a top executive job in the city and lived in a stylish upmarket high-rise apartment. The only problem with this ideal picture of a successful accountant was that she preferred country life and the wide open spaces. The windows in her apartment only opened a few centimetres. She felt trapped.

One day I arrived at her unit during a wild lightning storm and she was standing at the window fidgeting, desperately wanting to smell the storm, to hear the thunder. She looked like a caged animal prowling from one room to the next, wanting to experience the elements. We talked about her getting an apartment with a balcony, moving to the suburbs or commuting from a beachside cottage to her job each day. She realised she was at a turning point in her life and that her home was a reflection of her situation of feeling trapped in a life she did not enjoy.

Maria consulted her mentor about her career. They discussed what she wanted to accomplish in the next five, ten and twenty-five years.

A few weeks later Maria resigned from her well-paid position and returned to her parents’ home in a beautiful town in rural Queensland. Maria’s plan was to follow her passion and use her savings to allow her to take one year out of her life. She wanted to finish the collection of short stories she had been working on for the previous eight years and see where life took her from there.

She received recognition of her writing skills four months later, winning the major prize in a competition which was to attend a writer’s workshop. She continues work on her book.

Maria said’ I will never work again”.