‘Belongings’  a book by author Anne Jennings.

Free Kindle App for your smartphone, tablet or computer. No Kindle device required. Click the blue banner to order the eBook now. Read today how a simple, step by step method that can be done weeks, years or decades after a loved one passed away. It discusses a simple method of keeping only the items that recall the happy times spent together with family and friends. On the other hand, objects associated with distressing events can be sold, donated to charity or thrown out. Other suggestions discuss how to change routines and furniture to reflect your life in the present moment.

"Belongings" a book on what to do with your loved one's posessions.






Foreword by Diana Sands, PhD

Diana is the professional advisor for Wings of Hope Inc. International writer and speaker on bereavement, the Director for the Centre for Intense Grief Sydney. Deputy Chair, Postvention Australia Association and author of Red Chocolate Elephants for Children Bereaved by Suicide.

New understanding and theories of grief and loss have shown how important belongings are, linking us to family, friends and work colleagues. You can create a nurturing home and learn holistic ways to continue your life in a meaningful way.


“This is an excellent rudder for people who have lost a loved one or friend and need to sort through their belongings.” Leigh, Wings of Hope  www.wingsofhope.org.au

“A good-sized book, easy to read one section at a time. These ideas are practical and they put your mind at peace, knowing you have given the person who died dignity. I found the black-and-white drawings powerful.”                        

Alva L Patterson, Community Elder.

Some of the suggestions in this book may seem new, foreign, even outrageous. Please read everything with an open mind and try the ideas that you are comfortable with.

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